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Bethel Sozo


The Journey

Writer's Corner
Teresa Liebscher co-leader of the Bethel Sozo Ministry and leader of the Shabar Ministry

Several years ago I had a picture of what life would be for me. I saw these really big wooden doors. They felt 20 feet tall and 10 feet deep. Someone opened them, up just enough for a hand to push me through them. As soon as I was on the other side, the doors closed and I was unable to turn around and go back through them. As I stood there, with my back to the doors, I looked out in front of me and saw nothing but dirt and sand. There were no plants, no trees, no buildings, no landscapes, nothing. Then I heard, sensed maybe, that this was now my life. I could do what I wanted, I was the one choosing the planting materials and would build the buildings. I could see something very far off in the distance but I could not see or figure out what it was. There was no sense that I would be alone in this journey. Even there I had to accept that this empty landscape was my life. I was not a happy person. I wanted to turn away and go back through the doors, but I could not and to be honest I was very mad I could not go back through the doors.

This started an amazing journey for me, which I would not trade even knowing how hard it has been. The first aspect of this amazing journey was learning about my relationship with each member of the Godhead. Learning about the nature and character of the Godhead and how They wish to care, protect, and teach me about life. This leads to the second aspect of my journey, how to connect and properly interact with people and with life situations. This journey has not been easy, but it has been worth it.

Back to the picture, the undeveloped landscape has changed so much as I have gone through my journey. Now there is so much going on, a mature garden, buildings, sounds, colors, life. Are there areas in my garden that need work and don't look as well as they should, yes. Part of the healthy journey is to be able to acknowledge them and work on a plan to improve those areas. I can still see the doors, I have no desire to journey back to them.

I would like to invite you into an amazing journey through your landscape with Father God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, people and life. You have your journey through your landscape/garden. You get to choose what you are going to do with your landscape, how you develop your relationship with the Godhead, people and life.


Reading the Heart

Writer's Corner
Margaret Nagib Regional Director for Licensed Therapist

Have you ever stopped to notice how many phrases we use to refer to the part of our body that generates our physical pulse.....our heart?

For example, You can “listen to your heart”, “know by heart” or make a fashion statement and wear it on your sleeve.

Research has shown the heart to be a highly complex system with a functional “brain.” enabling it to learn, remember, and make functional decisions independent of the brain’s cerebral cortex. Therefore, we do in fact “know things by heart” and the things that we know by heart cannot be ascertained via our heads! The heart actually communicates information via electromagnetic signals to the brain and body influencing how we perceive, think, and process emotions. While the brain’s field is an inch, the heart’s electromagnetic field radiates 5-12ft., permeating every cell. This field is charged with emotion and ascertained by others changing the social climate around us. Sowhileyoucan’treadsomeone’smind,you can read their heart! It is no wonder God's word implores us to attend to the state of our hearts.

In sozo sessions, Holy Spirit often powerfully shows my clients the condition of their heart. Like "The Wall", Jesus heals any barriers to wholeness in the individual's heart thereby restoring wholeness to all aspects of their being.

Outside of sozo sessions, a great way to address the connection between your physical heart and emotional health is through heart rhythm biofeedback. Biofeedback is a process that helps to increase conscious awareness of the body’s physical reaction to stress so you can train your body to come into alignment with your spirit. Biologically, the heart rhythm reaches a state called coherence, ideal for experiencing supernatural joy and physical health.

Try practicing these three easy steps during your next soaking session:

  1. Heart focus: guide your attention to your heart.
  2. Heart breathing: focus on your breath and imagine breathing in and out of your heart.
  3. Heart feeling (motst important): focus on a time when you felt a positive emotion. Re-experience it in the current moment.


Heaven's Heartbeat - His Forgiving Love

Writer's Corner
Susan Rashotte Regional Director of Eastern Canada

At the heart of forgiveness is the very heart of God and the person of Jesus Christ. If forgiveness issues are something you struggle with, come close; place your ear close to His chest and hear the following words from His heart.

“I, the Lord, am the embodiment of pure love. Though I was angry with Adam and Eve when they sinned and accepted the fruit from the serpent, I chose to forgive them. Forgiveness is in My heart. It is the only way to live a life of true overcoming. David fell into the trap of the enemy, but I forgave and he overcame. A soft heart is able to recognize the need for forgiveness before too much time lapses, and it is able to make the way right. A heart of forgiveness keeps you linked to Me. In a moment of agony My Son, Jesus, called out to Me and said, “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.” I forgave. True forgiveness is the deepest expression of love that can be extended to another person, for it defies human nature. It shows a depth to a person’s heart that goes beyond words. I demonstrated a heart of forgiveness from the beginning. All through history of man, as men and women turned from Me, I wept as I had to issue judgment, but when they turned to Me, I forgave all their waywardness and drew them back to My heart.

True forgiveness can only come from a heart saturated in love poured out from Me. Any other attempts are of the flesh and will be short-lived. Jesus was My representation on earth for the world to see that I am a God of forgiveness as people turn and repent of their sins. A heart of forgiveness is the only means of overcoming the chords that bind you to the enemy. The moment you allow forgiveness to come into your heart, the chords are snapped and you are free. If I had not forgiven the ways of My people and made a way to be reconciled to Me, you would be a doomed people.

Unforgiveness will grow and fester; the infection will spread throughout your whole body, forming a hard encasement around your heart, a hardness of bitterness that only a heart of forgiveness can break through. If you truly want a heart impartation, forgiveness is the key.”


The Silo Inside

Writer's Corner
Kate Jutsum Regional Director for Australia and New Zealand

Forgiveness. One of our foundations in Sozo, bringing release to the forgiver, but also seeming to open the forgiven up to a move of God in their lives. I wonder if Stephen’s forgiveness of Saul and his not-­‐so-­‐merry crew shifted something that allowed Paul’s Damascus Road experience. But speculation aside, even the secular world recognizes the beneLit of ‘forgiveness therapy’. Now when people can’t or won’t forgive that’s easy-­‐ a couple of questions to Father God and they’re usually there. The problem comes, it seems, when people do want to forgive, have forgiven multiple times, and yet still seem to have a problem.

You see, we’re all born with a silo inside. Some huge container that we choose to Lill. The point of it is to hold God’s good stuff, but often we store other things there instead. So yes, we’ve forgiven that person over and over, but just in case we ever get the chance to vindicate ourselves, we put what they did in our silo. Just to be ready. The problem is, that chance usually never comes, and if truth be told, God is a much better vindicator. And all the time it’s there it’s robbing us from real freedom.

So what to do? Well Father God I choose to give up my right to vindicate myself and allow you to vindicate me in your own way and timing. (Code for ‘I’m choosing to trust you instead of taking matters into my own hands) I give you all the rubbish in my silo for you to wash out and Lill with your good stuff, and I forgive and release those people.

It is amazing what peace a silo Lilled with the ‘good stuff’ brings.


Papa God Helps Students Learn!

Writer’s Corner
Jeffrey Barsch Regional Director of SoCal and author of Educational Sozo

As someone who has a background in educational psychology I have always had an interest in how students learn. I have tried many techniques to try to help them memorize and study with ease. Until I found sozo my efforts to help students learn had been frustrating and incomplete.

As I have worked with at-risk high school students I have incorporated sozo ideas into my efforts.I have found a large majority of the students had deep father wounds. I’m not suggesting that everyone who has a learning issue has father wounds but the percentage of students who do has been shocking to me.

Sozo tools teach that the father’s job is to provide, protect and give identity. Not only is it our earthly father’s job to fill these roles, but our Heavenly Father (Papa) gladly fills these roles in our lives. We know that when people have had difficult father relationships they tend to believe lies about Father God. They tend to see Father God as distant or unavailable to them in time of need.

I am suggesting that when students develop a truthful and intimate relationship with Papa they become much better students. Helping students work through forgiveness of their earthly father and helping them to recognize lies they have believed about Papa God seems to free up the brain to be able to concentrate on school tasks. One of my students related to me the other day that since he developed an intimate relationship with Papa his mind is clear and the extra clutter and voices in his brain are gone!

I am struck by what Jesus says in John 5:19 that he only does what he sees the Father do. I have begun to adapt this principle in helping students learn. For example, after teaching a variety of memory techniques I ask the students to spend a moment asking Papa God what study technique to use, than copy how the Father is doing the task. It’s working!

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