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How I spent the First Day of 2015

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How I Spent the First Day of 2015 

January 02, 2015

Margaret Nagib

What did you do on the first day of 2015? I will share with you what I did on mine.  

I woke up with no real plan past making and drinking my morning coffee. But, as the morning went on, I decided to do some organizing, sorting, and purging of the old.  Not glamorous or drenched with meaning, purpose, or resolution mind you but it felt necessary nonetheless.  

In the midst of the clutter that is always created by the act of decluttering, I decided to take a break to pay some bills online when panic hijacked my first day of 2015 and brought my day's goals to a halt.  After a frantic search, I realized I had lost my wallet with all of my cash, cards, etc.  

So for the better part of January 1, 2015, ironically, I found myself reliving and retracing the steps of the last day of 2014.  Peace finally returned when with bated breath I heard the saleswoman on the other end of the line say,

"Yes, we have your wallet.  You can come pick it up at the information booth."

Thank. You. Jesus.  

As I drove the 23 miles to the specialty market where I left my wallet the day before and the 23 miles back, I felt feelings of gratitude and relief. I also had plenty of time to think but my thoughts were a little different.  I kept thinking about how my carelessness on the last day of the old year dictated how I spent my first day of the new year.

But, early in the morning on January 2, 2015 as I write this I find myself having a completely different take on it all.  It's like God is showing me a replay of the events of yesterday.  It's the director's cut.  His voice is in the background giving me the play by play.  Showing me that the last day and first day are microcosms of the last year and coming year. 

I want to share with you what I am hearing for 2015 because I feel like it's for me but that it may also be for you.

This is the time you will identify and reclaim what was lost.  
As you reclaim what was lost you will discover a renewed ability and freedom to move forward as well as gain the needed information/direction you long for to guide you towards the future.
God is with you! (I decided to look up the biblical significance of the number 23.  The common theme around this number is one of the most amazing promises in the scripture. See Psalm 23; Exodus 23:23; Jeremiah 23:23; Matthew 1:23).
"You are with me." (Psalm 23:4) 

Happy New Year, 


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