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Prayers For My Son

Writer's Corner
From Prayers for My Son
Elizabeth Gan

This is the story of a mother’s heart for her son and his healing. If you wish to know more about the book go to click here

From Introduction

“The journey of writing it out down started when I, in a moment of passionate expression, uttered a promise to God. I said, ‘If you heal my son, I am going to go after this thing.’ I meant what I said whole-heartedly, but you never can predict just how or what God uses to work things out in your life.

That one prayer has been one of the hardest things I have prayed so far in my life. I had no way of knowing what that promise looked like fulfilled or the cost of it. In reality, it did cost me a lot: sleep, normal friendships, living a normal life, etc. I would like to say that it was simple-I prayed a few prayers, Jordan was healed and boom, our new life begun. But that isn’t true. The journey of writing this book and watching his healing manifest were tied together. Along the way I experienced regresses in Jordan’s healing as if it were a tug of war with the enemy.”

From Chapter 19
The beginning of the end

From the very beginning of our journey till now, it has been move than five years. It all started with God asking me the big question. Five years of prayer, therapy, declarations and every day working with Jordan. It’s been an amazing journey into God’s heart. I saw a lot more that I put in the story here; there were twists and turns all along the way, there were set backs and heartbreaks, and even the enemy attacking me every single day calling me a liar and that Jordan would not be healed. Not a day went by when something didn’t happen to try to pull me down or break me, but I would not change any of it because ti brought me closer to God in the end. In God’s mercy, he didn’t leave Jordan or me in the state that he found us in, but he lovingly came after us both, healed us and made us who we are today.

There were two important things that I learned through this whole experience:

  1. I learned who I was in Christ and
  2. I learned how to pray from that place."