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Article from Educational Sozo Training Manual

Writer's Corner
Jeffrey Barsch

One of the dreams I have had, which gave me Holy Spirit inspired wisdom on our topic (Sozo techniques helping wounded learner), was about striving and doing it my way rather than the Lord’s way. In the dream I saw myself as a network reporter commenting on a Special Olympic event. It was an event that had never been done before. Contestants were required to push a sled up a steep hill. The sled contained heavy bricks to make the pushing more difficult. To make the effort even more challenging the road that the sleds were to been had been greased with lard. The contestants desperately tried to push the sleds up the hill, but each time they got close to accomplishing their goal the sleds slipped back down the hill. Eventually the participants stopped the task and were exhausted. In the dream Holy Spirit invited me to take a turn. I left the announcer’s table and pushed the sled up the hill with great effort. I slipped in the grease of the lard and fell flat on my face! When I awoke, I asked Holy Spirit for interpretation of the dream. What I received was the insight that the bricks in the sled were issues in life that should have been given to Jesus. When I, or anyone else, try to handle them by ourselves it is like pushing uphill under very difficult conditions. The burden in the sled belongs to the Lord.

I believe this dream relates to our topic because of the temptation to want to fix the issues of learning disabilities or school problems in secular ways rather than giving the Lord first chance and wait for His touch. Striving to fix things seems natural in the earthly realm but is definitely not a valued principle in the Kingdom.

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