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Bethel Sozo


How I spent the First Day of 2015

Writers Corner

How I Spent the First Day of 2015 

January 02, 2015

Margaret Nagib

What did you do on the first day of 2015? I will share with you what I did on mine.  

I woke up with no real plan past making and drinking my morning coffee. But, as the morning went on, I decided to do some organizing, sorting, and purging of the old.  Not glamorous or drenched with meaning, purpose, or resolution mind you but it felt necessary nonetheless.  

In the midst of the clutter that is always created by the act of decluttering, I decided to take a break to pay some bills online when panic hijacked my first day of 2015 and brought my day's goals to a halt.  After a frantic search, I realized I had lost my wallet with all of my cash, cards, etc.  

So for the better part of January 1, 2015, ironically, I found myself reliving and retracing the steps of the last day of 2014.  Peace finally returned when with bated breath I heard the saleswoman on the other end of the line say,

"Yes, we have your wallet.  You can come pick it up at the information booth."

Thank. You. Jesus.  

As I drove the 23 miles to the specialty market where I left my wallet the day before and the 23 miles back, I felt feelings of gratitude and relief. I also had plenty of time to think but my thoughts were a little different.  I kept thinking about how my carelessness on the last day of the old year dictated how I spent my first day of the new year.

But, early in the morning on January 2, 2015 as I write this I find myself having a completely different take on it all.  It's like God is showing me a replay of the events of yesterday.  It's the director's cut.  His voice is in the background giving me the play by play.  Showing me that the last day and first day are microcosms of the last year and coming year. 

I want to share with you what I am hearing for 2015 because I feel like it's for me but that it may also be for you.

This is the time you will identify and reclaim what was lost.  
As you reclaim what was lost you will discover a renewed ability and freedom to move forward as well as gain the needed information/direction you long for to guide you towards the future.
God is with you! (I decided to look up the biblical significance of the number 23.  The common theme around this number is one of the most amazing promises in the scripture. See Psalm 23; Exodus 23:23; Jeremiah 23:23; Matthew 1:23).
"You are with me." (Psalm 23:4) 

Happy New Year, 


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Prayers For My Son

Writer's Corner
From Prayers for My Son
Elizabeth Gan

This is the story of a mother’s heart for her son and his healing. If you wish to know more about the book go to click here

From Introduction

“The journey of writing it out down started when I, in a moment of passionate expression, uttered a promise to God. I said, ‘If you heal my son, I am going to go after this thing.’ I meant what I said whole-heartedly, but you never can predict just how or what God uses to work things out in your life.

That one prayer has been one of the hardest things I have prayed so far in my life. I had no way of knowing what that promise looked like fulfilled or the cost of it. In reality, it did cost me a lot: sleep, normal friendships, living a normal life, etc. I would like to say that it was simple-I prayed a few prayers, Jordan was healed and boom, our new life begun. But that isn’t true. The journey of writing this book and watching his healing manifest were tied together. Along the way I experienced regresses in Jordan’s healing as if it were a tug of war with the enemy.”

From Chapter 19
The beginning of the end

From the very beginning of our journey till now, it has been move than five years. It all started with God asking me the big question. Five years of prayer, therapy, declarations and every day working with Jordan. It’s been an amazing journey into God’s heart. I saw a lot more that I put in the story here; there were twists and turns all along the way, there were set backs and heartbreaks, and even the enemy attacking me every single day calling me a liar and that Jordan would not be healed. Not a day went by when something didn’t happen to try to pull me down or break me, but I would not change any of it because ti brought me closer to God in the end. In God’s mercy, he didn’t leave Jordan or me in the state that he found us in, but he lovingly came after us both, healed us and made us who we are today.

There were two important things that I learned through this whole experience:

  1. I learned who I was in Christ and
  2. I learned how to pray from that place."


Writer's Corner
Faith Blatchford

A great reward requires a risk of equal proportion. The reason a neurosurgeon banks a huge check is because drilling open a patient’s head involves enormous risk. The manager of Burger King meets the important need for food of his customers. He may feel pressure during the lunch rush but nothing compared to the stress of the operating room during neonatal brain surgery. His paycheck will not buy him a Porsche like the doctor’s

Jesus taught the disciples many lessons about the fear of risk, the robber of rewards. The man who was given one talent in the parable of the talents lost not only the praise of the master, but also his one talent, which had the potential to bring him increase. The reason for his loss was fear. Who else lost out because he didn’t take a risk but buried the talent? Did his family or his town?

It is hard to believe that Jesus had to step past fear, but the Bible says He was tempted in every way we are. The difference is He never let fear stop Him. Miracles happened each time He put faith in His Father’s word and not in the enemy’s lies. Lazarus would still be stinking in the grave if Jesus had let fear stop Him from yelling “Lazarus, come forth!”

The power to overcome the panic of the moment is released when we focus on the reward and not the risk. The writer of Hebrews wrote that Jesus endured the cross because of the joy set before Him. He looked past the present danger to the reward. Paul testified to the Philippians that he was always pushing toward the prize.

There are different levels of prizes. A student in a local high school track meet who finishes first wins an award. The athlete in the Olympic Track and Field competition wins a bigger award and a place in history. To win the big one requires victory in a lot of little ones.

The world desperately needs bold believers who blast through the door of fear to the miraculous rewards on the other side.


Superior Reality

Writer's Corner
Kate Jutsum, Regional Director for Australia and New Zealand

You're rich in love, and You're slow to anger. 
Your name is great, and Your heart is kind. 
For all Your goodness I will keep on singing, 
Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, 
O my soul, 
Worship His holy name. 
Sing like never before, 
O my soul ,
I'll worship Your holy name 
(Matt Redman, 10,000 reasons)

It is so easy to look at all the things that are wrong and imperfect & annoying & frustrating & painful, especially in our world's current economic & political climate, let alone in our own lives. I often ask at trainings 'has anyone not had a single worry over the past month?' Needless to say I have not yet had one person admit to such a sublime internal world.

And yet wherever we are, no matter what our situation, there is a superior reality. In heaven the sun is shining, no matter how grey our worlds. I love this song- all worship really- so much, because it has the ability to lift us up to a place where we really are untouched by the pressures around us because we see God for who He really is. Not denial, just the acknowledgment that there is a higher truth that we can partner with to see our worlds change. There is just nothing like seeing how big God is to change our perspective. I wonder if that's where Philippians 4 came from- 'come on guys, I know it's tough but if you can just break through in joy-filled worship you will experience peace so great that people think there's something wrong with you'. Ah yep, my paraphrase :-) Sometimes our souls just need to remember how good He really is.

So I bless you with the discipline to bring the good into focus, and alone-time & space to allow you to break into passionate, extravagant worship that leaves your soul singing & the troubles of the world as shadows- so much of it that you are left ruined for anything less. To the God of deep joy & incomprehensible peace!


Article from Educational Sozo Training Manual

Writer's Corner
Jeffrey Barsch

One of the dreams I have had, which gave me Holy Spirit inspired wisdom on our topic (Sozo techniques helping wounded learner), was about striving and doing it my way rather than the Lord’s way. In the dream I saw myself as a network reporter commenting on a Special Olympic event. It was an event that had never been done before. Contestants were required to push a sled up a steep hill. The sled contained heavy bricks to make the pushing more difficult. To make the effort even more challenging the road that the sleds were to been had been greased with lard. The contestants desperately tried to push the sleds up the hill, but each time they got close to accomplishing their goal the sleds slipped back down the hill. Eventually the participants stopped the task and were exhausted. In the dream Holy Spirit invited me to take a turn. I left the announcer’s table and pushed the sled up the hill with great effort. I slipped in the grease of the lard and fell flat on my face! When I awoke, I asked Holy Spirit for interpretation of the dream. What I received was the insight that the bricks in the sled were issues in life that should have been given to Jesus. When I, or anyone else, try to handle them by ourselves it is like pushing uphill under very difficult conditions. The burden in the sled belongs to the Lord.

I believe this dream relates to our topic because of the temptation to want to fix the issues of learning disabilities or school problems in secular ways rather than giving the Lord first chance and wait for His touch. Striving to fix things seems natural in the earthly realm but is definitely not a valued principle in the Kingdom.

If you wish to learn more about this topic, this Educational Sozo manual can be purchased on