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Gregory Wells

Illinois, Robinson, IL

Gregory Wells is the Sozo Regional Facilitator of Robinson, IL. I was born in east central Illinois and lived next to an old country church where I still have memories of Sunday school. After serving in the Marine Corps during Vietnam, I returned home to farm with my family. It was during this time that I discovered the baptism of the Holy Spirit and started a life of service to the Lord.

In 1997, after a time being away from God and the church I heard the Lord’s calling over my life while standing on my back porch. I was immersed in His presence and received a baptism of love. I experienced his love and grace like never before. My life was wrecked from that point on.

I started attending a spirit filled church and began growing and learning again. I soon began going on mission trips, traveling to Brazil, Cambodia, and Cuba. While there, I would serve in the deliverance tents and received a word from Randy Clark that God was calling me into the “special forces”, which registered in my spirit as the deliverance ministry.

In 2001, we began deliverance in my home church under the covering of its leadership. A couple of years later I had the opportunity to observe Sozo at Bethel Church in Redding, California. I knew I had seen something that would change the deliverance ministry for me forever. Nothing can compare to one of the Godhead showing up and telling you exactly what has went on in your life and where the enemy has lied to you. It’s these downloads from the spirit that create such joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in me.

These moments are life changers and we love to watch them happen. It never gets old and we can never get enough of His Presence.

We want the world to know the grace He has for them and Sozo has a part in doing that. We are looking forward to working with and teaching others the freedom and joy that can be theirs.