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Carrie Stetson

Central East California/Central West Nevada

As well as being involved with the Bethel Sozo ministry, Carrie and her husband are part of the pastoral team at Lake Tahoe Christian Fellowship in Lake Tahoe, CA. Carrie ha been serving and teaching for the past 25 years in various ministries. She is also an author.
Carrie is an RN, BSN, Certified Health and Wellness coach and speaker. Her family includes husband Steve, daughters Melissa and Natalie and grandson Luke.
Over the last 25 years of being part of the pastoral team at my church, I've encountered many people who have lost vision and hope for their lives because of life's rigors and disappointments. They come in lacking relief from despair, desiring to somehow break free from some unknown "block" to peace. They want to talk--sometimes endlessly talk-- about their problems. Now, I don't mind hearing about the problem, but honestly problems without solutions discourage me!
So one of the reasons I LOVE Bethel Sozo, is that its all about getting people connected to God by revealing the lies and wounds that "block" them and replacing them with God's truth. When people get connected to God, their needs for peace, hope, joy, comfort, companionship, identity and purpose are met! It's amazing! Even when God doesn't give them answers to their "problem", and tells them to wait and trust Him for the solution, when its accompanied by an experience of His amazing love and comfort, their needs are met in a powerful way, and fear goes away! They find that the Godhead is enough and can meet their every need. He IS the solution and when people get connected to the Godhead they find that out.
The Bethel Sozo tools help a facilitator quickly get to the lies and wounds that hinder people's connection to God. I think the tools such as the "Father Ladder" are brilliant and truly Divinely inspired--because they work and represent His heart to heal the broken hearted and set the captives free. I haven't found another inner healing model that does this so quickly and who's end result is a deeper connection with God.
Over the years I've found that people also want a sense of purpose, desiring to fulfill their destiny in God. This is a need God gave all of us. It can be so frustrating for people to never feel like they're accomplishing God's will for their lives.
Again, the Bethel Sozo Tools are so effective because when people get "connected" they hear clearly about their worth and value and God's plan and purpose for their lives.
Bethel Sozo has helped me so much on a personal level. I have found breakthrough and freedom from worry and fear that often gripped and paralyzed my life and kept me from going forward and completing the call of God on my life.
Our region needs people who can facilitate the Sozo tools to bring a deeper God connection and freedom to those who are broken hearted and discouraged. Fear is rampant and people need hope. This is why I want to be a Regional Facilitator.
I thank God for the perseverance and courage of Dawna De Silva and Teresa Liebscher to develop and take Bethel Sozo all over the world. I am truly inspired by these women and feel it is a privilege to serve under them.